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Bulk Variety Pack

Bulk Variety Pack

  • $ 12980

Convenient bulk pack contains a variety of CHEMSORB sorbent diking tubes and pillows for larger spill response and backup, refills for kits, and general maintenance and cleanup of spills, drips and leaks. Suitable for HazMat spill response and general MRO applications with pesticides, oils, solvents, acids, alkalis and other water-based chemicals. Packed in single box for easy access. Contains: 16 Diking Tubes (3"x43"), 10 Pillows (10"x10"), 4 Two-Liter Pillows (18"x18"), 2 HazMat Disposal Bags and 2 HazMat Labels.
CHEMSORB has been tested with over 100 industrial chemicals including acids, alkalis, hydrocarbons, pesticides and chlorinated compounds. You can use it to stop virtually any type of spill, without guesswork, without mistakes. CHEMSORB will not react with hazardous materials or add any pollution problems of its own.
For more information, visit the Chemsorb website,

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