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diaphragm fuel transfer pump

Diaphragm Fuel Transfer Pump

  • $ 17851

  • Heavy Duty Fuel Transfer pump with discharge up to 1 gallon per 5 strokes (800 ml / stroke).
  • Ideal for use where compressed air / power is not easily available such as farms / ranches, construction sites, boat etc.
  • Stainless Steel Piston & fuel resistant hi-nitrile rubber diaphragm.
  • Includes a 2" die cast bung adaptor and extra heavy duty steel handle with security locking latch.
  • Pump inlet fitted with easy to clean wire mesh screen.
  • Complete with telescopic suction tube with non-return valve.
  • For use with 15 gal. (50 litre) - 55 gal. (205 litre) drums.
  • RECOMMENDED USE: Gasoline, Diesel fuel, Fuel Oil, Motor Oil and other light petroleum products.
  • DO NOT USE with Corrosive liquids, solvents, acids, alkalis etc.
  • WARNING: Fuels containing Ethanol will cause more frequent replacement of rubber parts.
  • Do not use with Fuels with Ethanol content greater than 10%
  • Never operate the pump near fire or source of spark. Some media may be explosive & dangerous to pump.
  • Pump is designed primarily for use with low viscosity media. Pumping heavy fluids may cause undue stress resulting in fracture.
  • Note: Pump has a vent/air hole built-in which will drain back any excess media into the drum.

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