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fuel filter with 10 micron filter element

Fuel Filter with 10 micron filter element, 1" NPT

  • $ 5038

  • High Flow Fuel filter, complete with 10 micron fuel filter element.
  • Durable and lightweight design for easy installation on both mobile and stationary fuel tanks and on gasoline and diesel fuel pumps.
  • Ideal for use in agricultural and industrial applications.
  • Rust and weather resistant for years of service.
  • The 10 micron paper filter element filters even small particles of rust, scale, grit, dirt, sand, and lint at a gravity flow of 19 litres / minute (5 GPM) with only a 24" (600 mm) head. The filter element has 366 square inches of filtering surface which results in more particle retention, which means cleaner fuel, and fewer costly engine repairs.
  • Replacement filter elements available as spare.
  • Also available water block fuel filter element which separates water from fuel.
  • RECOMMENDED USE: Gasoline, Diesel Fuel
  • DO NOT USE with water based products, Gasohol, Aviation fuels, Race Fuels, etc.

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