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hammer sledge hammer

Hammer, Sledge Hammer

  • $ 8593

  • Steel locking plate eliminates head getting loose or falling apart
  • Hi visibility head adds instant identification on any job site
  • Vulcanized rubber handle
  • Absorbs impact & vibration reducing fatigue
  • Protects in event of striking an electrical wire
  • Made from special grade of ozone resistant rubber for use in tough outside environments
  • Handles on most head sizes weigh more than the head, allowing the user to apply double torque on any surface
  • Drop forged head with striking end induction hardened
  • Spring steel bars 9/32'' diameter resist overstrike without breaking
  • Steel reinforced lanyard hole
  • Heavy duty 52 HRC Head
  • Head weight 6 lbs to 14 lbs
  • Handle length 24" to 36"
  • 6 Spring Steel Bars

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