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quart stroke pump

Quart Stroke Pump

  • $ 14396

  • An economical way to dispense exact quantity of media per stroke.
  • Heavy duty Industrial Pump that dispenses 1 Quart / 1 Litre per stroke.
  • Extremely useful in applications requiring metered delivery, the pump works on a precision rack and pinion mechanism.
  • Pump has a built in 2" Bung Adaptor and comes complete with a telescopic suction tube for use with 15 gallons (50 litre) to 55 gallons (205 litre) barrels.
  • Other design features include: a. Spring Loaded Drain Back Tube for overflown media; b. Lockable handle which allows the pump to be pad locked when not in use; c. Lock Nut for positioning the pump outlet in any direction.
  • RECOMMENDED USE: Gear & Lube Oil, Petroleum based Media, Diesel, and Kerosene.
  • DO NOT USE with Water Based or corrosive fluids.

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