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Service Jacks 22 Ton

Service Jacks 22 Ton

  • $ 88819

  • A choice of three handle angles:
  • 90 for space saving storage
  • 45 for easy carrying movement
  • 0 for access to lifting point
  • Heat treated extension screw allows low pick-up height adjustment and maximum lift height
  • A built-in by-pass device protects hydraulic system from over pumping damage, U.S. Patent No.5,946,912
  • Large steel wheels for easy positioning and smooth motion
  • Sturdy one piece handle assembly
  • User friendly, self-returning spring minimizes operator's effort, greatly reducing fatigue
  • In-line air filter traps contaminates and protects air motor for longer life
  • Chrome plated rams
  • High speed Air Turbo Motor is equipped to raise the load to the desired height efficiently, effortlessly and safely
  • U.S. Patent No.5,341,723
Capacity 22 Tons
Minimum Height 9-3/4
Maximum Height 21-1/4
Extension Screw 3-3/8
Handle Length 48-3/4
Saddle Diameter 6-1/2
Jack Size Length 22-7/8
Jack Size Width 13-3/4_br /> Gross Weight 100 lbs.

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